Shane Palko is an alternative folk musician from Pennsylvania, based out of Delaware. Winter of 2014 found Shane touring in Southeast Asia, Canada and the Northeastern United States to support his fifth album, “Emerging.” This collection of songs digs into deeper lyrical realms and social critique. Instrumentally, it soars upwards into forty-plus part song arrangements, including harp, strings, guitars of all varieties, vocals and a menagerie of unusual instruments. This album was released internationally on February 15. There will be a video for every song on the album. The footage was collected throughout 7 nations on the Emerging tour; the videos will be released throughout 2014.

Partial Discography:

shane palko going places

“Live From The Trocadero Theatre”

TO BE released: December 10, 2013

This is a live recording from a concert on Saturday, July 13 2013. It will be available for download on a donation basis from Noisetrade — proceeds will be used to support the upcoming release of Shane’s fifth studio album, “Emerging.” Songs written by Shane. Accompanying musicians include Ian Palko (djembe) and Stefan Wolfe (bass, vocals). Mastered by Patrick Mulrooney.

“Good Times”

RELEASED: dec 15, 2012

A collection of fun songs recorded by Shane and his friends over the course of one coffee-ful month, using an eight-track reel-to-reel tape machine. Many tracks feature full-band arrangement. The album was mastered by Don Grossinger.

“Songs From Pretoria”

 released: dec 31, 2011


Ten of the many songs that Shane wrote over the course of five months in Southern Africa. They tend to be introspective and reflective. Recorded at Supermagic Studios in Pennsylvania.

shane palko going places

“Going Places”

released: may 1, 2010


Acoustic songs, written by Shane between the ages of six and twenty years. Songs range from light-hearted to thought-provoking; the allure of the highway is woven throughout.

shane palko 2“Pretty Good Songs Volume VII”

released: july 11, 2009


Shane’s first official solo release. Available only by special request. There are a limited number remaining.


Watch Videos

Here are a couple of videos of Shane. Go ahead and pause the music player above and take a look.

An official music video:

A live, solo video:


Sundry Musical Projects:

• The Paper Janes – a duet with Jessica Latshaw. Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Ukulele. Website: www.thepaperjanes.com

• The Diner Club – a free music association, a community. Drums, Vocals, Songwriting, Recording, Social Coordination. Listen to a christmas album we recorded in one day here.

• The Look Machine – a defunct alternative rock band. Drums. Website: www.thelookmachine.com

• Unicorn Valley – an ambient indie rock band. Electric guitars, vocals. Fansite: Click here.

• Moon Children – grungy experimental ’90s rock. Drums. Website-ish: “Tragedies in the AM – an album written and recorded in one night.

• Safety Meeting – a free-form improve hip hop group that plays around Delaware.