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“Staring Out The Window” was premiered on HuffPost in 2017. Song was recorded using an 8-track tape machine in a row-house living room on Madison Drive in Newark, Delaware. Video shot and directed by Papa Shabani in Uganda.

“Idha Obane (Come and see)” is a collaboration with Maro, and was written, recorded and filmed in Uganda. “Idha Obone” means, “Come and see” in Lusoga, which is the primary language spoken in the Busoga Kingdom, along the Nile river in Eastern Uganda. Tigateege Herbert, a Busoga Kingdom Official and promoter of arts in East Africa led a motion to commission a song to celebrate the beauty of the Busoga Kingdom. Shane and the one and only Maro of Uganda wrote this original song, adding elements of their own homes. They recorded audio with Zuli Tums at Volume Up Records and visuals with Papashotit.

A one-shot music video filmed on Madison Drive in Newark, Delaware by Nicholas James Piser.

This original song was recorded in 2012 on a reel-to-reel tape machine from 1980. Much of the footage in this video comes from old Palko family 8mm video reels that were filmed in the late 1950’s and onward. One snowy day when the Chesapeake Bay was frozen, Shane and some friends trekked out onto the ice to capture the final shots needed to complete the storyline.

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