Free Trees

Spring is here, and new life along with it! We are excited for the second Free Tree Fest! This is a free native tree & shrub giveaway and multi-part musical celebration. We are giving away up to 225 native saplings to anyone in the Delmarpa area for free. Species available include but are not limited to buttonbush, chickasaw plum, hazelnut, indigobush, northern red oak, nannyberry, possumhaw, riverbirch, southern arrowwood. The three parts of the event are as follows:

4/8 @ 5PM ET: Livestream (here on this facebook page). This will be a brief explanation of the tree-centered festivities, some music and words from me, Shane. You do Not have to watch this to get your free trees.

4/9 @ 8AM-6PM ET: Get your free trees & shrubs at the Curry Farm in Landenberg, PA. This is by appointment only. The day is divided up into 30-minute time slots. Sign up for one below and come get your seedlings. 

4/10 @ 11AM-3PM ET: Get your free trees & shrubs. Same as 4/9.

4/12 @ 6-9PM ET: Live Concert & tree giveaway. Get 1 free tree or shrub – or just come enjoy the music. This event is free to anyone. This concert is an official stop of the Chinatown Tour, featuring Jason Chu, Alan Z, MC Tingbudong, iharlei, Em McKeever. The music of this tour is primarily hip-hop inspired and the majority of the performances focus around moving forward conversations around unity and diversity that have been sparked over the past two years.

Sign up for your pick up time slot. All pick up interactions will be outside. 

Link: April 9 Pick up time slots (Google Calendar). ALL 30 SLOTS FULL. Sorry
Link: April 10 Pick up time slots (Google Calendar). ALL 12 SLOTS FULL. Sorry

Reservations are for time-slots only – whatever trees & shrubs are available when you arrive at your time slot are what you can choose from. Please be punctual, as there will be people coming and going all day. You can take 1 free tree if you come to the concert on 4/12, while stock lasts. 

There will be signs directing you where to drive once you arrive at the address listed on the appointment page. Your vehicle and shoes will most likely get muddy (Welcome to Landenberg in Springtime)!

After a decade of being a touring musician, I have a carbon footprint that contradicts my beliefs. I’m so happy to be partnering with local community and nationally touring musicians on this celebratory project. The goals of this shindig are to give good gifts to the surrounding community and help build habitat in our local ecosystems.

For any questions, comments, jokes, etc, please feel free to email Shanepalkomusic(at)gmail(dot)com or reach out to @shanepalkomusic on any social media platform.