Returning From Tour

I have just spent the past two and a half months taking my new album, “Seventh Story” around the world. I played a bunch of concerts across four continents. The travel time provided opportunities to watch, write and reflect. I got to thinking about some of the stuff that Has Happened in my shortlong time on this planet:

I was invited to sing my original songs for the king of Busoga.
One time someone bought me a taco with money they made by selling their own body.
I had hypothermia in the Himalayas.
Before I stayed awake for three days in a row.
I boogie boarded down some snazzy rapids in the Nile.
I have swum under the ice of a thickly frozen lake.
I have driven eleven hours to play a concert for 17 people.
I’ve feasted with friends on food we found in dumpsters.
I’ve had my truck and tractor stolen from me, and my dog is dead (my life IS a country song).
I’ve played official concerts in 1/8 of the countries in the world (more than 20).

I understand that the experiences we make make us as humans. I’ve been honored to share some amazing human moments with people all over the place, and I’ve been totally alone other times. I’m glad to have the guitar and the pen to help document some of these experiences, and stitch together the globe’s positive human fabric a little bit. I am a lover of the natural world, and I’m about to board my 16th flight of the past two and a half months. My carbon footprint contradicts my beliefs. Someday, I hope to somehow make that up. And if this metal bird should fall from the sky and you never hear from me again, find peace in knowing that I lived more than enough. I guess I was dead before I was alive, and I’m not too worried about it happening again.
I don’t have plans anymore, just hopes attached to calendars. I will hope to play a welcome home show at Argilla’s Brewery in Delaware on Monday March 7 at 9PM. I intend to run an environmental program on the Chesapeake Bay from March till November. I’ll be playing heaps of East Coast US shows as well. I am ready to record my 8th studio album, “Pick Me Up” this summer, and later take it on a tour throughout South and Central America. I want to keep listening, watching, learning, and trying to spread awareness and positivity wherever my big carbon footprint lands me and my big feet.