4th Annual Hideaway Folk Festival

The fourth annual Hideaway Folk Festival is here! August 25 will be an awesome day of music on 2 stages, food, friends and celebration at Brewer’s Hideaway Farm! Read below for details, and a list of performers.

We are asking that people pay $10 per adult and $5 per child (12&under). This gets you a free meal, a cup of fun and helps us pay musicians who are traveling many hours to be here; it also pays for event insurance. (If you love musicommunity, please feel free to donate more.)

If you are 21+ please feel free to BYOB and enjoy responsibly. There will be free water in big jugs, but again, BYOB (this time, meaning “bring your own bottle.”) Last time, we got a keg and gave every desiring adultly person in attendance a feww brews as a thanks for supporting the festival. We are seeing if we can work this out again.

Every guest gets a FREE bowl of vegetarian curry made with farm-fresh ingredients. Feel free to bring your own food as well; the more the merrier.

It is so kind of the Brewer’s Hideaway Farm to host such a shindig. Please show respect by not wandering off into the active farm fields or into the barns. Please remember that this event is BYOB & drug free–be responsible and respectful of the Brewers’ beautiful farm.

After the scheduled music wraps up on both stages, we will have a fire. If you, your mom or your dog has an acoustic instrument, feel free to bring it and jam around the pit. If we are lucky, a few people will fall in the pond and pretend they were trying to swim.

You can camp for FREE. The place is beautiful, so why not? If you plan to sleep over, please sign in to the camping sheet when you arrive, providing your name and cell phone number. Roosters may wake you up, and we may ask for help cleaning up in the morning, but it’ll be a blast. Feel free to hang till noon on Sunday.

The musicians and artists will have various items for sale. Please consider buying something to support them. Musicians get hungry, and tour vehicles get thirsty for some gasoline. Don’t let the internet starve the creative people you love.

Local and regional musicians will be performing all evening on 2 stages! The lineup includes:

The Sin City Band • goo.gl/PYK12B
Shane Palko! [music] • https://youtu.be/4-jaG5qMnto 

Sarah Koon • https://youtu.be/9b0Qaxg1a5Q

Levi Dylan & the Former Ruins • goo.gl/w1FRkn 

The Walks (Rachel Walker & Nathan Walker)
Edgewater Avenue • https://goo.gl/AckG55 

Ninny Pinny Band
Ian Palko (if he’s not busy having a baby) • https://myspace.com/ianpalko/music/songs 

Good Man Charlie

Original flyer artwork by Hannah Kelleher

Feel free to RSVP on Facebook